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Summarize the characteristics of current enterprises, the determination of talent concept can be determined from the following aspects:

1. It is based on the basic assumptions of the company's high-level people, such as X theory in management and human theory hypothesis in Y theory. Under the two assumptions, the determined talent concept is different. Not only considering whether people's needs are met in different environments, but also considering factors that affect people's work efficiency, especially when people's emotional factors are taken into consideration later, "respect for individuals" and "humanized management" It has become the talent concept pursued by many companies.

2. Determined from the relationship between the company and the employee. The positioning of this relationship is reflected in the division of work, job evaluation, and salary distribution of different enterprises. The concept of Japanese companies is "we are a team", and the concept of American companies is "the best talents are hired." In the recruitment and selection process, Japanese companies emphasize the spirit of cooperation, while American companies emphasize personal ability. This is why the views of the general manager appointments in Japanese and US joint ventures are completely opposite.

3, can be positioned from the behavior requirements of employees. The most obvious comparison of this situation is the difference between “rational management” and “quick action”, or the difference between the two concepts of “obeying culture” and “promoting individuality innovation”. Under these two different talent concepts, there are also significant differences in the requirements, selection, and assessment methods of senior management personnel.

4, from the attitude towards the talents, such as Haier's "horse racing is not the same", IBM's "internal selection and training." For example, in some enterprises, employees who have worked continuously for 10 years may not be classified as temporary layoffs and permanent dismissals without the prior approval of the company's chairman and president. Thus, corporate culture plays a very important role in stimulating employees' work enthusiasm. .