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  • Belt

    Belt conveyor use


    Belt conveyors are currently widely used in a wide range of conveyors and are found in virtually every industry. The belt conveyor has the characteristics of transporting a variety of materials, large transportation volume, stable performance, long working time, etc. It can not only transport according to the customer's transportation process requirements, but also transport materials in a rugged and complicated environment

  • The

    The process of the screw conveyor should be qualitative


    In terms of manufacturing, the screw conveyor is actually a very important part. If we do not have strict requirements on the manufacturing process of the product, it will be difficult to have a good product. Of course, for general products, the process can also help us to save a lot of work efficiency and cost.

  • How

    How to choose the right equipment according to the characteristics of the conveyor


    A belt conveyor in a conveyor, which is a relatively common conveyor that can be transported horizontally or at a certain angle of inclination. There are two types, fixed type and mobile type. Among them, the mobile type can adjust the working position and the conveying height, while the fixed type is fixed and dead, and cannot be moved. Screw conveyor,

  • Method

    Method for manufacturing V-belt production automatic wrapping device


    The V-belt, a V-shaped tape, is a unique conveyor belt that is a mechanical device for transmitting force and transporting goods. The utility model has the advantages of easy installation, small occupied area, high transmission efficiency and low noise, and is widely used.

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